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Early College High School/Dual Enrollment

This guide is for teachers, librarians, and students who are in the Early College High School/Dual Enrollment program at Texas Wesleyan

Primary Sources Defined

Primary Sources 

"Primary sources . . . are defined as the direct evidence of a time and place that you are studying – any material (documents, objects, etc.) that was produced by eyewitnesses to or participants in an event or historical moment under investigation. Secondary sources, in contrast, are interpretations – often generated by scholars – that are based upon the examination of multiple primary sources." (from Primary

Consider various types of primary sources

What types of primary sources might have been produced that would be relevant to your topic? Which persons or organizations might have produced materials?

Possible formats include:

  • Books
  • Photographs, images
  • Magazines, newspapers
  • Advertisements
  • Diaries, journals
  • Movies, videos, DVDs
  • Memoirs, autobiographies
  • Audio recordings
  • Interviews
  • Letters
  • Speeches
  • Research data, statistics
  • Documents produced by organizations
  • Documents produced by government agencies

Find Primary Sources

On the 3rd floor of the Library, Special Collections specializes in (PRINT) historical materials relating to

  • Texas Wesleyan University Archives
  • The Bobby Bragan Collection
  • The H. Howard Hughes Performing Arts Collection
  • Other archival and personal collections related to the history of the University or Polytechnic Heights

Texas Wesleyan on Portal to Texas History

The Portal to Texas History  is a gateway to rare, historical, and primary source materials from or about Texas.  Created and maintained by the University of North Texas Libraries, the Portal leverages the power of hundreds of content partners across the state to provide a vibrant, growing collection of resources. 

US Census State & County QuickFacts
Quick, easy access to facts about people, business, and geography

Official Portal of Texas: Population and Demographics
Links for sites with demographic details of Texas broken into state, city and county segments that incorporate business and industry data, climate information, incomes, median and average house prices, individual and household incomes, economic and financial details, national comparisons, census records, reports and online interactive research tools.