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REL 4343 Saints, Sages, and Social Reformers: Finding Books

Three Ways to Find and Use Books

Dr. Vandana Shiva

Dr. Vandana Shiva DS

Vandana Shiva has written and spoken extensively about advances in the fields of agriculture and food.

Saint Francis of Assisi



A portrait depicting Saint Francis of Assisi by the Italian artist Cimabue (1240–1302)



Why use these:  Use books for broad information about a topic, such as historical background, biographical information, or to fully understand the context of a specific research topic.  All books listed are in the General Collection, which is on the Third Floor of the library. In addition to these books, you can search the library's catalog for your topic of interest.  You may also browse the relevant sections of the library.

The West Library uses the Library of Congress Classification System to arrange the books in the library.  Here is where books having the subject of the Bible and the Old Testament falls in  this classification system:


  • BJ: Ethics
  • BL: Religions. Mythology. Rationalism
  • BL1100-1295  Hinduism 
  • BL1310-1314.2 Jainism
  • BL1500-1590  Zoroastrianism (Mazdeism). Parseeism 
  • BL1790-1975   China
  • BL1830-1883 Confucianism
  • BL1899-1942.85 Taoism
  • BL2000-2032 India
  • BL2017-2018.7 Sikhism 
  • BL2195-2228 Japan
  • BL2216-2227.8 Shinto
  • BM: Judaism
  • BP:  Islam. Bahai Faith. Theosophy, etc. 
  • BQ:  Buddhism  
  • BR Christianity
  • BS The Bible
  • BT: Doctrinal Theology  
  • BV: Practical Theology 
  • BX: Christian Denominations  

Religion and Feminisn

Religion and the Environment