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TxWes Reads One Book


TxWes Reads OneBook is the common reading program at Texas Wesleyan University. It's a celebration of literature and the relationships and communities that develop between readers and writers. Discussing a common book can also provide a safe venue for beginning difficult dialogues.



  • Create opportunities for learning in and out of the classroom.
  • Create opportunities for discussion, debate, and dialogue on current topics through program, lectures, discussion groups, and other activities
  • Foster student, staff, and community participation and identification as contributing members of an intellectual community.
  • Promote reading
  • Foster university community unity



  • Book is about a topic that has wide appeal and interest across a wide spectrum of subjects/disciplines
  • Book is about a topic that has relevance in today's world
  • Book is not more than about 300 pages in length.
  • Book is engaging and easy to read
  • Book is not a text-book
  • Preferable that the book is written by a current author