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EDU 3310 Multicultural Education: InterLibrary Loan

What is InterLibrary Loan?

InterLibrary Loan is a service that the West Library provides to all students free of charge.  If there is a resource that is not available at the West Library, either physically or online, then you can request that the West Library staff find a copy of that resource from another library

So InterLibrary Loan is a Library service where you can request resources from other libraries.

InterLibrary Loan

How do I Use the InterLibrary Loan Service?

1.  Bring your mouse pointer over Resources on the West Library webpage. This will bring the pull-down menu on the screen.

2.  Click on Interlibrary Loan, as is shown below.

Screen capture of the steps to find the Interlibrary loan webpage.


3. The following page shown below appears.


Screen capture of the Interlibrary Loan webpage.

4. Read the information on the page above.

5. Choose the correct form (Request and article) or (Request a book)

4. Fill out the information on the form about the resource desired

5. Fill out information about yourself.

6. Click on Submit