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COU 6310: Advanced Psychopathology: Chaining

What is Chaining?

Chaining is using the source you have access to, and look at the sources in the bibliography that were used to create this source.  You can then find the sources in the bibliography, and look at sources that were used to create those resources.   

Rolo chain


Image of PowerPoint slide. Title: Chaining: Finding the Original Research. Use the works cited page – it is one of the most useful tools in research. Understand the format of citation used for the information. Example: Most will use APA.
Image of PowerPoint slide. Title: Chaining Tools. Periodical Finder (Example: Journal Title, Doi/PMID), Library Catalog, WorldCat, Interlibrary loan
Image of PowerPoint slide. Title: Chaining, continued. Practice Example using this resource: Gainer, J. (2010). Critical media literacy in middle school: Exploring the politics of representation. Journal of Adolescent & Adult literacy, 53(5), 364-373. Retrieved from Academic Search Complete database. Find the first four resources in the practice example: Alvermann, Bartolome, Beane, Comber.