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Research Process: The Information Fog

Welcome to the Information Fog

We are living in the middle of a revolution. Not since the creation of the printing press (and maybe not ever) has our concept of information been so disrupted.  The driving force of the information revolution is the World Wide Web, which has given us access to more knowledge than ever before in human history.

Information used to be scarce, thus creating a demand for experts who knew things and could share those things with the rest of us. Now we have Google, the information candy store, which makes information abundant and  challenges  the role of the expert. (Cult of the Amateur) "Information candy store?" Yes. Google serves up lots of enticing stuff right there at our finger-tips, most of it  looking good enough to devour. The down side of a candy store, if there ever could be a down side, is that candy tends to be loaded with empty calories.

"...The revolution in information has led many of use to believe Google is god, or at least the ultimate information source.  But nothing is that simple.  

From Badke, William.  Research Strategies: Finding Your Way Through the Information Fog.  5th edition Bloomington :  iUniverse LCC, 2014, Chapter 1