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MKT 3328: Retailing: Journal Databases

Journal Databases

Why use these:  To find scholarly articles from journals, to find magazine articles, and to find newspaper articles in one search. To find financial records, country profiles, market  reports, and SWOT analyses.

Why Search One Database at a time?

Why Search One Database at a Time When You Can Search Everything at Once?

  1. You may miss some important articles if you search everything at once
  2. You will have less articles to sift through 
  3. Individual Databases have extra features not available in Search Everything

Google Scholar

image: Google scholar logo

Set up Google Scholar So that it will retrieve articles that the West Library has
•1. Go to Google Scholar   
•2. Click on settings
•3. Click on Library Links on the left
•4. Type in Texas Wesleyan Library in the box