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HIS 3380: Workshop in Historical Methods: Books

Using Books

Books can be used to gain new ideas, perspectives on a historical topic, plus to find new sources on a topic.

Below are four ways to find books.

Four Ways to Find and Use Books

Library of Congress Classification

Detailed Library of Congress Classification for History

  • C: Auxiliary Sciences of History
  • CB: History of Civilization
  • CC: Archaeology
  • D: World History
  • DA: Great Britain
  • DAW: Central Europe
  • DB: Austria Liechtenstein. Hungary. Czechoslovakia 
  • DC: France
  • DD: Germany
  • DE: Greco-Roman World
  • DF: History of Greece
  • DG: History of Italy
  • DH: History of Low Countries. Benelux Countries 
  • DJ: History of Netherlands (Holland) 
  • DJK: History of Eastern Europe (General) 
  • DK: History of Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet Republics
  • DL: History of Northern Europe. Scandinavia  
  • DP: History of Spain
  • DQ: History of Switzerland 
  • DR: History of Balkan Peninsula  
  • DS: History of Asia 
  • DT: History of Africa
  • DU: History of Oceania (South Seas)
  • DX: History of Romanies 
  • E: United States History
  • E186-199 Colonial history (1607-1775) 
  • E201-298 The Revolution, 1775-1783 
  • E300-453 Revolution to the Civil War, 1775/1783-1861 
  • E456-655 Civil War period, 1861-1865
  • E660-738 Late nineteenth century, 1865-1900  
  • E740-837.7 Twentieth century
  • E838-889 Later twentieth century, 1961-2000 
  • E895-904 Twenty-first century  
  • F:  United States Local History
  • F106 Atlantic coast. Middle Atlantic States  
  • F161-175 Delaware 
  • F176-190 Maryland 
  • F191-205 District of Columbia. Washington 
  • F206-220 The South. South Atlantic States 
  • F221-235 Virginia
  • F236-250  West Virginia
  • F251-265 North Carolina
  • F266-280 South Carolina
  • F281-295 Georgia 
  • F296-395:  Gulf States
  • F306-320 Florida
  • F321-335 Alabama
  • F336-350 Mississippi
  • F350.5-355 Mississippi River and Valley. Middle West
  • F366-380 Louisiana
  • F381-395: Texas
  • F396 Old Southwest. Lower Mississippi Valley
  • F406-420 Arkansas
  • F431-445 Tennessee
  • F446-460 Kentucky
  • F461-475 Missouri