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TXWES Makers Lab: Safety Policies

Safety Guidelines

TXWES Makers Lab General Safety Guidelines
The Basics
  • Follow the rules for each piece of equipment or area
  • Report any unsafe behavior, injuries or malfunctioning equipment to Makers Lab staff immediately
  • Don’t take, steal, or vandalize equipment or supplies out of the Makers Lab or steal 
  • Keep cabinet drawers and doors closed
  • Clean and return any item to its proper storage when not in use
  • Clean up before leaving an area
  • No horseplay, startling, or distracting anyone (not even with a conversation) while either one of you is using a tool
  • Any work saved on the computers in the Makers Lab will be deleted once you are logged off and cannot be recovered
  • In the event of a power outage or fire alarm safely stop what you are doing and exit the Makers Lab
  • Contact University Nurse for minor injuries at x4875.  

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the revoking of TXWES Makers Lab privileges and/or library privileges as outlined in the Code of Student Conduct in the Student Handbook.


Your Safety

  • Safety goggles, gloves, ear protection, and masks are available. It is your responsibility to use the proper safety equipment for your project. 
  • Be aware of locations of first aid equipment and know of the operating guidelines for the equipment you are using 
  • Remove or fasten any loose clothing and/or jewelry 
  • Tie back or cover long hair 
  • Wear closed toed shoes 
  • If you are not sure what you are doing, ask Makers Lab staff 
  • Never operate machinery if tired or in a hurry 
  • Think through the entire job before starting
  • Do not modify any hardware or software on the Makers Lab computers
  • If you observe another user working in a manner you understand to be unsafe, you may politely offer assistance, but if your help is not accepted please take your observation to Makers Lab staff who will determine whether and how to intervene. If you observe an emergency, please notify staff immediately

The Equipment

The Equipment 
  • Use tools only as they were designed to be used and always use the proper type and size of tool 
  • Check tools for damage before using and never use a broken tool 
  • Always check adjustments on the machines before turning on the power 
  • Make sure that everyone is clear of the machines before turning the power on 
  • Start your own machine and remain with it until you have turned it off and it has come to a complete stop 
  • Keep all safety guards on the machines in their correct position 
  • Keep hands, fingers and hair away from the blades or other moving parts of equipment 
  • Stay clear of machines being operated by others 
  • Stay focused on your work at all times while operating equipment  
  • Let hot items cool completely before handling and/or storing 
  • Always close or cover blades, if possible, when not in use 
  • Dispose of waste materials in the designated containers