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TxWes Makers Lab: Section 1: Fabrication Laboratory

The Fabrication Laboratory

Fabrication Laboratory

The Fabrication Laboratory or "Fab Lab" will be focused on modelling, prototyping, and production. The equipment that will meet these needs are: 

  • two 3D printers,
  • one 3D laser scanner
  • one laser cutter/engraver
  • basic shop tools.

The ability to print, scan, and/or cut in a three-dimensional format truly allows a user to be fully involved in the entire creation process, from concept to finished product. It provides the creator the freedom to experiment and not be constrained by a lack of funding, or industry connections. This in turn leads to innovation and discovery that would otherwise be ignored. Furthermore, the 3D laser scanner allows for a physical object to be accurately represented in the digital world. Once an object is scanned, an individual can inspect and assess it for flaws, reverse engineer it's design, and submit it to the replication process when used in conjunction with a 3D printer or laser cutter.  

Fabrication Laboratory Equipment